Creative Healing Boutique​

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My name is Nakia Jones - 

About me


Nakia Jones

I can write about a whole lot of thing but I am not one of them just yet, so what a perfect intro. I started this journey searching for healing and though I have learned so much I have not arrived yet, so trust me we are taking this journey together. I discovered Gem stones and it changed my life learning about the stones and their healing properties makes me feel closer to God,  These stones do come from the Earth so naturally they like the ocean connect us back to the Creator.


Heal Creatively 

The  Mission

Heal The world one bracelet at a time and spread love and information that assists in your healing process.

Our Vision

Expressing yourself creatively sets you free, so it is our goal to help you connect with your happiness. joy and spirit.

They all me-Healing Creatively 

Please don't  ask me to pick one, I will not limit God in that way!!

Nakia Jones

The Cosmetologist

Licensed since 1994 She has been a stylist in New York and California. Nakia the cosmetologist specializes in Cuts, Color and extensions. 

Kee Kee Jones

The Designer

This is the one that brings me great joy, it fulfills my soul and spirit. I could decorate all day and night and I would do it for free if I could. Kee Kee the Designer lives to create spaces.

Ms Kee Kee Jones

The Producer

This I consider more of my calling, my purpose. As a long time educator, I am dedicated to getting to know what makes people who they are, and how to help them grow and learn. This is my way of getting the entire world into my classroom and allowing God to us me to communicate with them, just like I did in my class for so many years.